How Gold Hedging Works

The exposure you get when you invest in GHS (the REX Gold Hedged S&P 500 ETF) can be approximately illustrated as follows:

For illustrative purposes only. Funds provide equity index exposure using ETFs, stocks and futures contracts and provide exposure to gold using futures contracts. Actual exposure to gold and the relevant equity index may vary between rebalances.

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REX Gold Hedged S&P 500 ETF
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Investment Case:

Why Gold Hedged Investing

Helping Protect the Value of
Investment Returns



REX ETFs are thoughtfully engineered portfolio solutions and provide an alternative way to currency hedge with ETFs. REX’s gold hedged strategies enable investors to hedge US dollar risk by gaining gold exposure within portfolios without the need to change existing asset allocations. Learn about the latest news and strategies for gold hedged investing at

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Important Notice: The board of trustees has approved the Fiscal Year End change from March 31st to Nov 30th for the VMIN, VMAX and GHS funds.

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Exploring Gold Hedged Strategies: An Interview with Vinit Srivastava, S&P Senior Director Strategy Indices, and Greg King, REX Shares CEO

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